The Dark Room

The Dark Room, a place everyone has been at once, is the story of Mia a woman who decides to design a room so similar to a womb, and live in that with the minimal contact possible with the outside world, for the wish she has and we all may have to get back to the most safe and lovely place that we were satisfied and we had everything we wanted in. This experience changes her in different ways and she starts to look strange and scary to the rest of people, but an incident connects her life with a woman who has opposite lifestyle and ideas and is trying so hard to find happiness in her crowded everyday life. Susan who is in a business trip planing to go back home with a flight and make it to her sons birthday party, finds the roots of hating his own child for what he has brought to her life and how he has changed her, after meeting Mia. They get to know each other, they get close, and both of them finds themselves not so sure of what is right or wrong about their ideas of life, happiness, and purpose. 



Ana comes to the capital with her long hair and big dreams to study journalism. She gets a short haircut that she hates and she starts to write a journal about an erased part of the history that she gets in to trouble with the system, in the way of publishing it. Overtime this struggle makes her a different person who is more angry and hopeless. She keeps looking at the mirror wishing her hair would grow back, but then she finds her hair in the perfect length just minutes before her execution in the jail.




Faranak Sahafian